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The technology industry is ever-changing requiring the most successful professional to focus on training that keeps their expertise efficient, effective and up to date. Professional training, development and performance is imperative in the enhancement of business competitiveness in the corporate marketplace. At Bitsweaver, we guide you every step of the way from start to completion with the science of training ensuring your understanding is achieved.

We help transform the unskilled and under skilled employees into highly skilled employees. You are the worth of your employees, as they are; so is your corporate outlook and results.

We provide training services for corporate institutions in the use of Microsoft business applications (eg. Microsoft Projects) and Database Management & Administration.

Microsoft Business Applications
We provide training for corporate bodies in the effective use of Microsoft Business Applications (eg: Microsoft Projects, Office, Skype for business, Exchange etc.). Our astute trainers engage trainees in a hands-on approach that leaves the trainee skilful and efficient. o Microsoft Project Management of projects tends to be full of bottlenecks in the business operational space for some businesses as projects are poorly managed resulting in collision of businesses whiles the escapees end up with damages to their brand reputation.

We provide training services for businesses interested in solving their project management problems with Microsoft project application to enable organizations proactively manage resources, gain insight into how resources are used and collaborate with project members to turn their project management woes around.

Database Management & Administration This module give trainee’s knowledge and skills in what database is and how to manage and administer databases. We open the mind of trainees to the subject and application in a practical manner.

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Growth of every organization requires detailed evaluation of competences and broad understanding of business processes from optimization to transformation with technology. This however requires well-defined plan not only to complement existing structures but to ensure no disruption with operations.

Bitsweaver guides your path with cutting edge technology solutions that ensure your efficiency from start to finish. We bridge you in all aspects of the technology space with our affluent notch of experience in technology solutions and emerging technologies.

When the complexity or deficiency comes knocking, we are just a mail away.