An enterprise accounting and finance system for small
and medium scale enterprises

Settle delivers swift accounting to small and medium size organization. With standardized approach adaptation all reports generation are compliant with international standard. Manage your accounting with comfort.


Excellent Bookkeeping

Manage Book of Prime entry (Day books, Receipt Book, Journal etc.) activities with high efficiency. Draw Trial Balance etc.

Real-time Financial Information

Settle delivers real-time preview of financial data on the go.

Authorize & Track Expenditure

Manage authorization and keep track of expenditure as it happens.

Loan Amortization

Manage your loan and loan amortization with ease and efficiency.

Multi-level Permission Management

Effectively distribute access to respective users.

Consolidate Data

Connect multiple branches of on one data source.

Intelligent Reporting and Presentation

Make informed decisions with effective reporting and analytics from our intelligent inbuilt analytics feature. Generate daily, monthly or yearly reports of varied accounting information’s with ease. Get analysis of your data through Graphs.

Standardize Accounting Information

Generate standardized accounting information (Statement of Financial Position etc.) just at a click of a button.

Consolidate Data

Settle is highly customizable and scalable.