Just about everything vital to your organization depends on your network functioning properly. This has make it imperative that you have the right network infrastructure in place to address your day-to-day operational and competitive targets, while realizing your short-term and long-term business goals. Every part of your network needs to function properly to ensure real-time data confidentiality, integrity and availability to ascertain uncompromised data security for your organization.

Today’s BYOD environment with more and more users relying on mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and the proliferation of wireless networks has make networking increasingly challenging. This is why you need the right partner guiding you: an IT provider with the resources and expertise to help you plan, implement and manage your network now and in the future.

Bitsweaver specializes in installing and maintaining heterogeneous networks for enterprises of all sizes. This includes cross-platform network integration of UNIX (various flavours), Linux (various distributions), Microsoft's Windows (all OS versions), Apple's MacOS, and others.

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When it comes to wireless access, offices can run into many impediments. concrete, rebar, antiquated wiring, saturated microwave environments and a host of other physical factors within the buildings where devices are located can interfere with wireless connectivity. Coupled with the hundreds of thousands of people working on the premises daily with their cell phones, walkie-talkies and personal hotspots competing for spectrum.

o So how can you get your wireless network to run as quickly and reliably as a wired network?

o And how do you ensure that all wireless users have the access they need?

Put bitsweaver to work on your wireless network. We can:

o Do a comprehensive assessment to learn exactly what you need and expect from your wireless network.

o Conduct a site survey to determine the optimal locations for wireless access points, nodes and workstations.

o Offer you the best pricing and quickest installation.

o Set up and administrate centrally managed wireless networking solutions for fast, reliable results.

o Split wireless networks to determine levels of access and security for different users (e.g., employees, guests, students, etc.)


As concerns over cyber-attacks continue to grow and the number of prying eyes on the web increases globally by 5% annually, you need to secure your network to ensure business continuity for your business. Organisation critical information are sniffed as a single unauthorised access to systems or infrastructure tremendously jeopardises the integrity and confidentiality of networks as data moves beyond the desktop to remote and mobile endpoints.

Our Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) delivers comprehensive visibility into network traffic based on applications, users and content whiles allowing you to embrace and address your business needs. If your gadget is connected to the Internet, you are a potential target to an array of cyber threats, such as hackers, key loggers, Trojans and many others that attack through unpatched security holes etc.

Security is an issue that’s growing in importance by the second, with the latest news headline highlighting new cyber-attacks and network security breaches.

bitsweaver will help you identify your critical assets and the best way to secure access to your systems and network infrastructure. We will help you implement a security solution that is customized to your infrastructure and the needs of your organization. We can:

o Develop and implement sound security policies that document why and how to operate securely.

o Train your users on awareness of the risks and their roles in protecting corporate assets, through following established policy.

o Select and implement security technologies, including firewalls, filters and antivirus/antispam software that aid in enforcing security policies and automated defensive measures within your organization.

o Design and implement corporate firewall that will secure the entire organization from internet threats and attacks, whiles providing you with real-time monitoring reports about user’s activities on the internet and the local network as a whole.

o Ensure business continuity of virtual assets of your organisation.

As concern over cyber-attacks continues to grow and the number of prying eyes on the web increases globally by 5% annually, you need to secure your network to ensure business continuity for your business. Security is an issue that’s growing in importance by the second, with the latest news headlines highlighting new cyber-attacks and network security breaches.


It’s easy to understand why virtualization has become such a hot trend in the IT landscape today. This is as a result of the advantages they offer;

o Consolidating physical servers into “virtualized resource pools” thereby reducing server sprawl and simplifying maintenance and management.

o Providing a centralized data storage and improved computing power and functionalities all at the use of much less energy.

o Virtual networks put less demand on your existing infrastructure.

o Enterprise apps like Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and Oracle run more efficiently when virtualized.

o Virtualization provides users with remote access without losing performance or security.

o With virtualization redundancy is improved, reducing operationg costs.

Moving your organization towards virtualization however can be a complex process. It’s important that you work with experts who understand the intricacies involved. Bitsweaver provides consultation, needs assessment, capacity planning, implementation, management, maintenance and training in Virtualization.

Unlike other local IT companies, bitsweaver has Certified Professionals as staff who would guide you through the entire virtualization process. We offer a broad spectrum of virtualization services like sizing and configuring appropriate servers and storage solutions for the Virtual environment and providing you with remote and on-site Virtualization support.

When it comes to virtualization, who you work with is just as important as what you work on. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of virtualization.


On-site technical support and remote support for your computer systems is important when you or your staff are experiencing technical challenges or failures. bitsweaver provides support at a variety of levels that ensures that unexpected problems may be resolved in a timely manner.


The IT security landscape is a complex maze of technologies, architectures, and policies that can be incredibly difficult to navigate. A defence-in-depth strategy consists of any number of security tools working in conjunction to form an overall security posture. One of the biggest challenges is determining whether the tools and configurations you have in place are giving your organization the level of security you require.

Bitsweaver aims to help organizations improve their security postures, so bad guys can’t continue to take down their systems or steal their information.

Our Experts, test your computer system, network, or Web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit and then provide a documented report on how the applications or systems were breached and steps to mitigate future attacks.

Reasons Why You should contact us for Pen testing:

We can uncover aspects of Security Policies that are lacking. For instance; many security policies give a lot of focus to prevention and detection of an attacker on organizational systems, but neglect the process of evicting the attacker that may be uncovered during a penetration test, resulting in situations as; whilst your organization detected attacks, that security personnel could not effectively remove the attacker from the system in an efficient way before they caused damage.

Our Tests provide feedback on routes into your corporate asset or application. Our Penetration testers think outside the box, and will try to get into your system by any means possible, like a real world attacker would. This leads to discovery of major and minor vulnerabilities your security or development team never considered or realised.

We provide you with detailed out testing reports which educates stakeholders on the state of affairs of their asset and recommendation as applicable. The reports generated by our penetration tests provide you with feedback on prioritizing any future security investment.


SharePoint is a web-based intranet that can help improve your organization's effectiveness by streamlining the management and access of data. The software comes with Microsoft's content management system that allows groups to set up a centralized, password protected space for document sharing. Documents can be stored, downloaded, edited and then uploaded for continued sharing.

Benefits of SharePoint server to your organization.

o Collaboration:
The software allow teams to work together, collaborate on and publish documents, maintain task lists, implement workflows, and share information through the use of SharePoint server.

o Enterprise Search:
SharePoint helps you to quickly and easily find people, expertise and content in business applications.

o Enterprise Content Management:
You can create and manage documents, records, and Web content with ease.

o Business Process and Forms:
User can create workflows and electronic forms to automate and streamline your business processes.

o Business Intelligence:
It allow information workers to easily access critical business information, analyse, view data, and publish reports to make more informed decisions. Users can log on to Web portals to edit and create shared documents.


In Today’s Networks and Technological world, companies need unified communications platform that provide real-time presence information with instant messaging, video conferencing, and voice communication.

Bitsweaver offers the most secured and smart Unified Communication using Microsoft Skype for Business that offers lots of benefits that businesses can take advantage of to make internal and external communication more effective and efficient.

Benefits of Skype for Business server to your organization.

o The software enables video chat and conference with co-workers both internal or away from company premises

o The Skype for Business Mobile applications allow users to instant message other colleagues in and out of the company premises.

o It allows for voice calls and conferences using Voice over IP (VoIP) within your internal network.

o Skype for Business server delivers support for 1080px High Definition resolution (1080px HD) for video conferencing providing participants with a sharp, clear display. Skype for Business server uses the standard video codecs like H.264 SVC to provide compatibility across a broader range of platforms and devices ensuring greater flexibility in terms of how video is delivered.

o Integration of electronic mailing services and Office applications are supported.