A system comprising of many software packages.

Bitsweaver Business Suite brings precision, process, scale and analysis to lead generation campaigns. Marketers are able to use the application to track, acquire, score, nurture and transfer sales-ready leads to the sales team.


Robust data management

Manage your organization's data securely and efficiently

Guaranteed Report

Business Suite is accessible to departments to access accurate reports.

Generate Forms with ease

Generate forms with accuracy and ease

Keep It Forever

No data is lost. Keep all your records forever.

Intelligent Reporting

Analyze you organization's data with graphs.

Consolidate Data

Connect multiple branches of on one data source (Database)

Standardized reporting

Generate your financial statement with ease


The system can cater for any special services you wish to integrate.

Payroll management system developed to help companies and organisations manage their employee salaries and payment

Human Resource Management system developed to enable companies manage employee information with ease.

An enterprise accounting and finance system for small and medium scale enterprises.

A point of sale for managing and tracking sales of big, medium and small shops and marts.

A customer relations with intelligent customer relations management tool to propel your business.

An Inventory management system for small and big companies

Restaurant management application.

Maintenance project management solution to assist organizations manage the maintenance of their assets.