A point of sale for managing and tracking sales of big, medium and small shops and mart

B-POS helps your business deliver efficient point of sales services to your customers. B-POS ensures efficient delivery and accountability of managers of the system. B-POS is customizable and highly scalable to every business model.


Complete user Permissions control

Take control of the actions employees can and cannot perform. Give access to only those authorized.

Track stock on the go

Keep track of all goods supplied to customers. Get notified on near expiry stock promptly. Know which products are nearing expiry at all times.

Seamless supply management

Manage suppliers and supplies. Track of all you suppliers and goods received from them with ease.

Track purchases

View your purchases history all from one of purchases of customers

Control pricing

Enjoy our intelligent pricing control feature and stay on top of the completion.

Intelligent reporting and presentation

Make informed decision with effective reporting and analytics from our intelligent inbuilt analytics feature. Generate daily, monthly or yearly reports on sales and keep track of the sales made. Get Analysis of your data through Graphs

Overstock Understock Detection

B-POS intelligent engine detects conflicting stock entry suggestions different from original stock.

Customisable and Scalable

Our system is highly customizable and scalable.

Composite view

Manage all your products and quantities from one view with information on all the products you have with their quantities and total value available.