Why ?

Bitsweaver is a private limited liability company headquartered at West Legon in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. On October 22, 2015, the company had certificate of incorporation and certificate to commence business.

Bitsweaver operates in the business of Information Communication Technology with our principal business activities as; Software and Firmware development, System Implementation and Integration, IT consultancy and Training.

Knowledge is like a garden, if it is not cultivated it cannot be harvested. Over the years, we have acquired relevant knowledge and experience in different fields of IT and business landscape, solving problems with our unique products and services that are useful and affordable.

Individual team members have their own innovation and technology philosophy but the one thing that is constant in our respective philosophies is a common vision to ‘Make everything worth more through Technology and Innovation…Our success is measured by what we do in fulfilling this testament’.

At Bitsweaver, we have individuals with vast experience in different fields of IT, but as an organization, we choose not to be a jack of all trade. We have carved a healthy niche for ourselves in this competitive industry to suffice Bitsweaver as expert in Enterprise Applications development and implementation (EAs), Web & Mobile (App) Solutions, User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX) Solutions and Consultation for businesses of all sizes and types.

Our clients will tell you; they have benefited from a partnership with us. Each of their needs are unique, but the one thing they have in common is they all benefit from our client-focused approach to make sure there is technology happiness and elegance. They allow us to focus on their technology, whiles they focus on their business.

The Bellwethers... Wɛb Transformers..... Technologists.......

The Bitsweaver team has operated virtually in the global world for half a decade before incorporation in 2015, breaking barriers in Ghana, England, India, Malaysia, United States and China.

Over the years, we have provided technology and innovative solutions to Corporate Organizations, Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) and Individuals. These solutions were free; the smile that we put on the faces of these individuals and organizations, propelled us to use our years of knowledge acquisition and experience in the field of IT and business to build transformative solutions useful and sustainable to a much wider and targeted audience.


Make Everything Worth More through Technology and Innovation…our success is measured by what we do in fullfilling this testament.


Build applications useful and affordable today and tomorrow.


We will not cry and make the Customer laugh.
We will not laugh and make the Customer cry.
Processes are as important as People.
Quality is as important as Speed.
We don’t say it… you Feel it!
Be Worth More…


  • “Our clients can now check our products and place orders online. The analytics and intelligence embedded in our website makes us know our customers and revenue has improved significantly”

    Yayha Diab, Owner and Chief Marketing Officer
    Diab & Sons Limited

  • “Your speed in delivering quality is impeccable and our organisation will come to you any time any day. Meeting our specific requirements, within time and budget limit...we are overwhelmed.”

    Stephanie Baaba Aikins, Organizers
    Bikes and Screech Festival.

  • “Your software is just what we are looking for...we are ready to go complete electronic because we have tried it and it works.”

    Dr. Edwin Ampedu, Founder and Director of Public Health, West Africa, Korle-Bu.
    Bethel Community Hospital.

  • “Post implementation audit and after-sales service is key to any new IT project. Others failed us but Bitsweaver answered our call and put a smile back on our face.”

    J.T. Manful, CEO
    Seekers Financial Services.

  • “Bitsweavers' Health Trace is fantastic. This is what Ghana need.”

    Dr. Darko-Larbi, Physician.
    Lapaz Community Hospital.

We believe


People are as important as Processes. The users of our products and services are as important as the service or product being provided.


Processes are as important as People. At Bitsweaver we design in cognisance to operational needs and relations, enshrining resolute operational process deployment in our products and services.


We will not cry and make the Customer laugh. We will not laugh and make the Customer cry. Through our effective consultation, efficient solutions that works are deployed affordably.


Birds don’t fly like Fishes; Fishes don’t swim like Birds; every organisation is unique which is why we provide tailoring with our Products & Services. To deliver precise solutions; as you want it.

Development Team

The Bitsweaver development team is driven by Passionate Technologists, whom with Synergy develops disruptive solutions for the transformation of our world.